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Making every day an adventure

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Group walks (60 minutes)



Group walks is a great opportunity for your dog to play and socialise with others while also being spoilt! We only have small groups (2-4 dogs) as we believe this way each dog will get the love, attention and exercise it deserves, but also gains a small group of doggy pals to play with! We love to  take the dogs to new walking locations every day, to allow them to explore new places and scents.

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Solo walks (60 minutes)

Fully booked


If your dog is nervous or anxious, we offer solo walks to show them the big outside world isn’t too scary, if they have a helping hand! We’re very patient and calm, so will take each walk at your dogs own pace. We will spend lots of time gaining their trust and making sure they are comfortable and will always be truthful to the owners about their progress. Solo walks are also great for aggressive dogs or dogs with a disability. We will always take them to a quiet park to avoid any difficulties.


Dog boarding (prices per night)

Fully booked

£27 if your pet is staying with us for 8 days or more 

£32 if your pet is staying with us for 7days or less 

Dog Boarding is the perfect opportunity for you to be able to go away and know that your pet is also having an amazing time! We will take your dog on at least 2 walks a day, and send you picture updates on how they are doing, so you don’t have to worry about what they’re up to! Your dog will always be treated like royalty when left in our care. Please note that your dog must get on with other dogs as we do not do in home boarding! This means your pet will be sharing the house with our dog while you’re away. We will offer a free trial walk before their stay to make sure the dogs are happy together. We can also pop in to your home every couple of days to water plants, pick up post etc, if required at an additional charge.


Dog/Puppy visits 

Limited availability

£10 for 1 visit  

£15 for 2 visits per day 

If your dog can’t go out for walks due to their age, medical issues, or in season, then we offer 30 minute home visits. Visits are very personalised and we will spend the time doing whatever suits your dogs needs. However each dog will be showered with an equal amount of love and attention! If you have any special requirements (For example: giving them lunch) then please let us know.


Cat and small animal feeding 

£10 per visit 

It’s not fair for the cats and other pets to miss out on all the fun, so we offer visits for them too! These are perfect for when you’re going away and they need feeding. Price is per visit not per animal, so if you have more than one pet, it will be the same price as one, (unless you live in a zoo)! Any other requests (litter tray cleaned, plants watered etc) just let us know.

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Other prices and information:

(any other request, please get in contact)

  • Currently, we don’t offer full day care. However if you are out of the house all day and therefore would like your dog to have more time socialising and having fun, we can take your dog on 2 walks for £21 which means your dog will be in our care for around 3-4 hours.

  • If you have 2 dogs or more and want them both to have a group walk (or visit) then get in contact with us and we will sort out a reduced  price for you.

  • To make sure the dogs get to enjoy the best of the countryside, we sometimes travel a bit further away to get to an ideal walking location. This means the dogs can sometimes be in our care for longer on those particular days.  

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