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Frequently asked questions

What Do You Want to Know?

How many dogs can you walk at once?

We only walk up to 4-6 dogs on group walks to ensure each dog gets the attention they deserve.

How long is each walk?

Group and solo walks are both an hour long. We can always stop for a rest if one of the dogs is starting to tire. We will then offer your dog whatever they need, whether that be playing a finding game or just simply a cuddle. In extreme weather conditions we will cut the walk short, if we believe it is in the dogs best interest. If temperatures get to over 30 degrees we will only be offering home visits, which will include letting the dog out to go to the toilet.

How will the dogs be transported?

We will transport dogs in a car or van. They will either be in crates or using a dog seatbelt. All dogs will be separated in the car. No logos will be on the car as the safety of your dog is paramount.

How long will they be in the car, how much area do we cover?

We try to keep them in the car as little as possible, especially in hot weather. However we like to let the dogs explore the best of the countryside so occasionally will travel further afield to give the dogs a proper countryside adventure.

Where do you do the walks?

We will always take them to a park or woodland area that we know is safe. We try to not go to the same place everyday to give the dogs new locations to explore! Some of our favourite walking locations are Happy Valley, Mitcham Common, Banstead woods, Puttenham Common, Oxshott Heath and Epsom Downs.

Do the dogs come off lead?

This completely depends on the dog! We always put the dogs safety first but also want your dog to have as much fun as possible! Please let us know if your dog has good recall, once we've gained a good bond and trust with your dog, we will let them off the lead! If your dog does not have good recall, we have a long line lead available so they can still play with their friends.

Can I come on a group walk?

Of course! We want our customers to have full trust that your dog is safe and in good care! Let us know if this is something you'd be interested in and we can arrange a trial walk with you and your dog.

How long have you been walking dogs for?

Even though this is a new business, I've been walking dogs since May 2017.

Do you have First Aid training?

Yes we do.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we are fully insured.

Do you have facilities to wash the dogs?

At the moment we do not, however we will towel dry them as much as we can. If there is an allocated place in the house you want us to leave your dog after the walk, then please let us know.

Is it okay if the days change each week?

Wherever possible we will try to adapt to your schedule, however there may be times when the days you require are already full. So yes changing the days is okay, but we cant guarantee that spaces will always be available.

What's the cancellation policy?

The minimum of 2 weeks notice is required for 3 or more days of walks/visits. A minimum of one weeks notice is required for 1-2 days. Any cancellations after this time will be chargeable, although paws outdoors may waive these charges in cases of an emergency.

Do you do boarding at my dogs home?

Unfortunately we don't. I do all boarding at my own house, where they will get lots of love and attention! However I can offer house visits every couple of days to water plants, collect post etc.. (at an additional cost).

Do you have a current DBS check

Yes I have an up to date DBS certificate which can be viewed on our home visit so you can be sure your pet and your house is in safe hands.

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